Danfoss valves

Danfoss offers an extensive range of radiator valves. The radiator valves with pre-setting ensure optimum . They are assembled quickly and simply without tools, providing optimum product flexibility and availability. If a coil does need to be replace it can be done without stopping or draining any system.

The servo-operated piston design with PTFE seal on the main orifice and steel valve plate in the armature secures a reliable function and long life in steam applications.

Versions: EV245B used with BQ coil, ac voltage up to 185ºC EV245B used with BN coil, dc voltage up to 160ºC EV245B used with BB coil, ac voltage up to . ICS is a compact, pilot operated servo valve. An ICS valve comprises three main components: a valve body, a function module and a top cover. The function of the ICS valve is defined by the pilot valves connected.

Up to pilots can be connected simultaneously to the ICS. The ICS valves are pilot operated servo valves for . They are available in a variety of configurations and cover a wide range of flow requirements. Each valve body has a compatible actuator allowing you to configure a valve your specific requirements.

Key Figures (USS million) Curtiss-Wright Corp Year ended December Revenues Of Which: Flow Control Operating Income Of Which: Flow Control 9. Greenwood-Co Crosby Valve Inc Spirax Sarco IMI Bailey Birkett Ltd Spirax Sarco Spirax Sarco Spirax Sarco Spirax Sarco Spirax Sarco Spirax Sarco Guest and Chrimes C. Find everything you need about solutions for industrial and commercial refrigeration as well as air conditioning. This valve can be set to a precise design value and thereby provide full control over the real conditions in the system. Updated solenoid valves are approved for flammable refrigerants used in food retail. A great range online, designed to be robust and hard wearing.

Suitable for practically all heating systems. From small BM valves for fluorinated refrigerants to huge SVA valves for HCFC, HFC, Ammonia, COand flammable refrigerants, the range of shut-off valves also comprises drain valves and gauge valves. The UNV-0mounting bracket is secured to the NV. The mounting bracket is placed on the valve neck ring and bolted directly to the neck giving a friction-locked connection.

Maximum flow in open position. Precision laser welded slimmer body. Pressure rating approved for R -410A. Rotation stops and position indicator.

And of course, maximum flow, with minimum pressure . Multifunctional Thermostatic Circulation Valve.

The MTCV is a multifunctional thermostatic balancing valve used in domestic hot water installations with circulation. The MTCV provides a thermal balance in hot water installations by .