En route

The shipment is en route to the buyer. The army advance capturing several cities en route. Define en route : on or along the way — en route in a sentence.

Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. En route is sometimes spelled on.

English dictionary definition of en route. On or along the way: We are en route to the museum. How do you spell en route ? Learn the correct spelling of this phrase at Writing Explained. Our passion for food and drink is what drives our innovative catering products. Learn more about our high quality catering services here.

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Translated by Clare Cavanagh. To travel without baggage, sleep in the train. It was drizzling in Belgium. Check Out the Participating Artists! Art En Route is proposed by WUD Art.

The final, collaborative works . When hearts stop working, when blood alcohol levels exceed limits we shouldn’t contemplate. Officials say a newborn delivered after his mother crashed her SUV and died while on her way to a hospital to give birth to him has also died.