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Since then Hudson has remained in the forefront of air cooling technology, always providing our customers with the highest performing solutions available world-wide. The Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are also known as Fin fan Coolers. Fin Fan Cooler is nothing but traditional name of Air Cooled Heat Exchanger.

Fin fan heat exchangers made by Fin-X are custom-designed and manufactured solutions to air-cooling heat transfer problems. Fin-X has over thirty years of experience in fabricating quality air coolers, and they offer four basic types of fin fan (also called fin tube) heat exchangers.

A fin – fan is a type of heat exchanger that forces air over a set of coils to cool the process. Fin Fans heat exchangers are generally used where a process system generates heat which must be remove but for which there is no local use. A brief presentation on Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are normally used where a process system generates heat which must be remove for which there is no local use. They are a “green” solution as compared to cooling towers and shell and tube heat exchangers because they do not require . Guidelines for Processing Plant. Of Process Equipment Design.


Improving air-cooled condenser and fin fan efficiency quickly, reliably and without need for unit shutdown. Row of fin fan condensers Fin fan bank before clean Lance testing deposit consistency on air . Fin Fan Air Cooled Condenser Units (ACC) Cleaned in Environmentally Sensitive Manner. Luchtgekoelde warmte-uitwisselaars (ofwel Fin Fan -koelers) hebben in het algemeen een rechthoekige verzamelkast aan elk uiteinde van een pijpenbundel. Serck undertake complete refurbishment of fin fan air coolers on site and at any Serck workshops.

Scope to be determined upon inspection and as per the clients requirement from complete, partial re-tubing, coating of fins , water jetting of tubes, fitting of liners in leaking tubes, combing of fins, fixing of fin. FINFOAM is an international service company specializing in the cleaning of heat exchangers. We save our clients millions of dollars every year by removing dirt and debris from fouled fin fans.

Measuring and Adjusting the Pitch angle of a cooling tower fan blades – Duration: 1:58. Thompson Industrial Services LLC 3. When reliability and reduced maintenance are your main concerns operating a fin – fan heat exchanger, rely on Amarillo Gear Company. The Fin Fan Accessory, is designed to adapt the AutoBox ABX–2L for the specific requirements of cleaning Fin Fan style exchangers. The failure of this equipment can deplete the profitability of a facility instantly with a failure, or with gradual efficiency erosion over time. Cost (LCC) should be the only measure of importance to a plant owner to.

The detrimental effects of dirty Fin Fans are: Decreased cooling efficiency of the heat exchangers.

Losses in production rates. Same setup as our 2-LTC Flexframe but with the wider bodied 2-LTC design for Fin Fan cleaning. Due to limited space available at airfin banks it was essential to limit the overall length of the machine.

With the design being made slightly wider it is ideally suitable for the wider pitch of approx. Air x-changers are pressure vessels which cool circulating fluid within fin fan tubes that force air over the tubes. On-The-Run” Dry Chemical Cleaning. There is no need to shut down the equipment, production continues normally. Cleaning process applied on external tube surface, through the whole bundle . Equipment is selling AS-IS WHERE IS WITH NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.

Buyers are urged to inspect equipment prior to purchase. In all transactions, Maas Companies Inc . A-Rocket provides efficient and highly effective fin fan cleaning services for oilfield operators at drilling locations throughout South Texas.