Heating panels

Infrared heating panels radiate heat in a similar way to the sun, via infrared. This is a more effective form of heating than traditional convection heat. Radiant Heating Panels – Heating Green specializes in designing and distributing infrared radiant heating systems. Experience cozy sun-like warmth offered by radiant infrared heating and lower your heating bills. We offer a variety of products for any application.

Greater comfort using less energy.

Hot Yoga Heaters , Bellingham, WA. Experience sun-like warmth in your home or office with the worlds thinnest radiant heating panel. This heating technology also provides significant energy savings when compared to other electric heating systems, still on the market today. Heat-On heating panels heat the walls, ceilings and furnishings, not the air. Buildings can store warmth for a much longer time than air.

ECOSUN ceiling panels utilise the principle of radiant heating (so-called infrared heating ). The unique surface finish and uniform distribution of temperatures across the surface of the panel ensure the output of a maximum share of heat energy in the form of radiation, while reducing the convection element to a minimum. Healthy heat heaters are new and innovative infrared panels that provide you with an energy efficient and stylish alternative to gas and electric heaters.

Want to keep each room in your home consistently comfortable with reliable heating systems? Consider getting one or more WarmlyYours energy-efficient and decorative infrared wall panel heating systems. You can see our full selection of products here.

Electric Heating Systems – Helvetic Sunjoy is an Ireland based leading seller of electric radiant panel heaters, infrared space heaters and commercial heaters at the best price. Welltherm is a German producer of infrared heating panels. Buy the Hershel Infrared (Select) Heating Panel. More efficient than traditional electric heating systems.

Herschel is the world-leading brand of Infrared Heaters. Panel heaters, commercial space and outdoor units. The most efficient electric heating available. Our selection of infrared heating panels features heaters that can be placed virtually anywhere to efficiently provide heat.

All of our infrared heaters are made in the USA to give you . As an energy solution, infrared differs from traditional heating methods: conventional radiators and heat pumps heat the air but are susceptible to drafts, take a long time to work and circulate dust and pollutants- all classic efficiency pit -falls. Our Far Infrared Carbon Crystal Heating Panels on the other hand provide a healthy . Indoors, our slimline infrared panels can be mounted on walls and ceilings to provide discreet and efficient heating throughout the home.