Hho heating systems

First Central Heating System that uses water for gas. No more bills for natural gas or heating Oil. This film shows the first HHO central Heating System using only water for fuel.

The unique patented burner. Hydrogen technologies offer alternative methods for producing energy and offer a solution to problems humanity is experiencing in terms of depletion of fossil fuels, feeding a growing population and pollution of the environment.

The ambition of this project is to use the advantages of hydrogen energy for the regular . Experimenters are using many different methods to create heaters that use HHO as fuel. Some even use Hydrogen as a fuel. I have attached some of the videos I found on. Using the converter, the HHO gas is injected into the converter and onto the honeycomb plate inside. HHO Heating Systems video 1. Het Nederlandse bedrijf HHO – Heating Systems heeft momenteel een CV-ketel in ontwikkeling, die gebruik maakt van watergas.

Op een speciale manier wordt met electriciteit uit het stopcontact en met water een zeer hete vlamtoorts gemaakt.

Met die vlamtoorts wordt de CV-ketel gestookt. Je hebt dus geen aardgas meer . Nieuw uniek gepatenteerd CV systeem dat uitsluitend water als brandstof. Relations betwen energy to produce HHO and heating energy from that proces.

HHO electrolisers model drawings shematics. HHO flash arestors shematic. HHO system for home heating. Thats some of question i have. Idea is to made sytem for home heating.

Use solar or wind to supply energy to run HHO generator and pump for heat system. Anyone else thought about this? As I see it, this could heat a home for free. Does anybody have any thoughts or . Export Citation: Click for automatic bibliography generation.

Learn how to build your own fuelless heating system , Heat your entire home. Thousands are already doing it. Your family and friends will all be amazed!

Huge prices for fuel and on top of that energy taxes and V. T make energy prohibitive for most people. Our HHO Central Heating System uses only water as fuel. Our new system contains a unique patented burner that generates HHO gas and steam to heat the . Nooit meer een gasrekening ! Water is de nieuwe brandstof ! Stelt u zich eens voor, een CV systeem in uw woning dat leidingwater gebruikt als brandstof. Niet mogelijk zult u denken , niets is minder waar, na jaren van research en testen zijn wij erin geslaagd een . Waddinxveen – Bedrijven zoeken.

The invention relates to a plasmatron for heating a gas, more specifically air, located in a heating space, comprising a nozzle, said nozzle comprising a nozzle wall and a nozzle opening located in said nozzle wall, whereby a ratio of a maximum diameter of a cross-. Applicant, Hho Heating Systems B. Use of HHO in industrial heating systems. Yes, it is also possible in industrial heating systems. HHOHHU plans walk you through each step of the process from planning the project, gathering materials, building an HHO converter and a heat exchanger, to putting it .