Kickspace heater

MYSON are the original manufacturer of the plinth heater. Our years of manufacturing excellence means our KICKSPACE , uses all the latest heating technologies, establishing itself as the market leading product. Kickspace heaters have a low-profile design that provides floor-level heat from an out-of-the-way location.

We have the kickspace heater you need. Hot water from the homes boiler is circulated through the Beacon Morris kickspace unit and the fan gently blows heated air into the room.

The homeowner simply selects the fan spee then . This winter, bring warmth to your coldest rooms by installing space-smart heaters that will make their presence felt—though not necessarily seen. It is ideal for a smaller room. The slim design allows the heater to fit in a variety of residential applications, such as cabinet kick spaces, vanity bases or stairways and also works well in light-duty commercial applications including, ticket- and toll . This kickspace heater is great for installation in a hard-to-heat spot. The High E heat exchanger, low-power motor and fan with easy glide sleeve bearings ensure low electrical . This comes in white color and steel sheathed element to provide long life, safety.

Dimplex CKHA Series Toe Kick Space Heaters.

Recess in kitchen or utility room cabinets. Sized to fit under cabinets or between wall studs, The Kicker is simple to install and easy to operate. Its redesigned and sleek grille is slimmer than ever, allowing easy installation in narrow spaces like under the kitchen or bathroom cabinets and even into stair risers. Enjoy comfortable forced-air heating from the most discreet fan heater on the market.

Low-profile fan-forced heater that provides comfort in places where space is limited (i.e. under-counter, stair riser etc.). The unit is controllable from a . The OCP fan heater can be recessed in the kickspace under cabinets and is perfect for open concept areas. The motor runs on supplied voltage, which eliminates the risk of motor damage. Two 500W heating elements (in parallel) make it easy to control power output as needed. Effortless ordering and convenient delivery.

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Color: Other, For Use With: Hot Water Heating Systems, Hot water residential heating systems. All ball bearings, and good and quiet. Product Type: Fin Coil . I was impressed with the build quality and amount of heat it can put out.

Combined with two TACO venturi tees, of course. Buy the King Electric KT Series Kickspace Heater and get Free Shipping at Sylvane. Fits under cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom.