Profoto air remote

Seamless connectivity with all your flashes from the hot shoe of your camera. Nothing should come between you and creating an amazing image. Helping you to find exactly the right exposure first time. Just point, shoot and achieve a perfectly exposed image fast.

This transceiver can control an unlimited number of power packs and heads on eight channels. Coolblue: alles voor een glimlach.

It can mount to your camera feets hot shoe, or sync to your flash terminal for firing. GHz Bandwidth, Channels, Groups, Mini-USB. Bevestig hiervoor de Air Remote TTL in de hotshoe van uw camera. Shop online of kom langs in één van onze winkels.

Geen reviews beschikbaar Schrijf een review. Profoto Air Remote ask for a quote! The Air Remote TTL-S is not compatible with any 3rd party radio triggering systems.

Enabled features on Air Remote TTL-S. Dankzij deze techniek kan de flitsopstelling volledig vanaf het .

Bevestig deze compacte unit op de hot shoe van jouw Fuji camera camera om volledig draadloos te kunnen flitsen. En de Air Remote TTL-N communiceert draadloos met de flitser en kiest de beste belichting voor u. Zo eenvoudig is het, en gedaan in een oogwenk. This user guide is available in other languages at profoto. CN – 其他语言版本的用户指南可从profoto. DE – Das Bedienungs-Handbuch is auch in anderen Sprachen verfügbar unter profoto.

ES – Esta guía de usuario está . Fuji has made it to the big- time. In recent years, the single aspect of strobe lighting to advance most noticeably has been control. Eight channels, six groups per channel.

Controls flash power range and modeling light levels for flashes with built in Air Sync. Now it does: the Fujifilm version of the Air Remote trigger is a reality. Not out yet ( damn it) but December has been set as the official release date.

Check out the video at Ferry Knijn Fotografie , which has been shared days . The flash transmitters included in this deal usually retail for a little over $4USD!