Easy heat thermostat manual

Models GTS-(120Vac). Door without Display Window. Fil — longueur de pouces.

Floor Temperature – Pressing this button once enters the . For your convenience, the following PDF files have been made available.

Introducing the latest innovation in floor warming technology. Warm Tiles Thermostats are available in two convenient styles to fit your lifestyle and your budget. The top of the line FTS.

Our thermostats monitor and regulate the floor temperature to provide the optimal warmth temperature to provide optimal warmth as needed. Choice between the FG non-programmable thermostat for manual operation or . How to set a programmable room thermostat – Duration: 8:12. RCCD in line with the thermostat.

All connections must be made by an approved electrician in accordance with current local regulations. Check the manufacturers data. Find and Buy Easy Heat – FTS-at Cesco.

Browse FTS-pricing and availability for your job or project. Do you ever notice that if your feet feel warm, the rest of your body is comfortable ? Warm Tiles creates a floor that is comforting, providing an even temperature while hidden under your floor finish. Warm Tiles radiates this warmth through a network of low profile warming cables, hardware and electrical controls for an . Nonprogrammable thermostat for use with Warm Tiles Cable systems. Sensor wire monitors floor temperature for accurate comfort control. Includes On Off switch, choice of doors with or without display window.

Canadian Safety Standards. Do not use staples to affix cold lea heating cables or thermostat sensor wire, as this could puncture the heating cable resulting in. A GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) or AFCI (arc-fault circuit interrupter) type circuit breaker may be used if desire but is not necessary.

VAC resistance floor heating system. It comes with an easy setup wizar a typical Program Schedule . Easy Heat Thermostat Easy Heat EH Freeze Thermostatically easyheat Controlled Valve FG 120V 240V 15A WARM TILES NON PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT.

EasyHeat Programmable Thermostat. Mor Electric Heating is a stocking distributor of Easy Heat tile, the use of sophisticated yet easy to use controls that call for heat. If the red light on your unit is located at the TOP of the thermostat and the red light does not turn off, this indicates that there is a ground fault in the heating system.

Contact your electrician or installer to verify the wiring and test the system with a digital multimeter.